When it comes to POS solutions, Scharfenecker is your expert sparring partner. We know the specific requirements of the retail trade and what is needed. This is where our passion for new solutions true to the motto “Smart solutions for your challenges” is most strikingly put into practice. We manufacture prototypes and create 3D models. There is hardly anything that we do not rethink, develop, optimise and implement. Thanks to our versatile portfolio of products and services and our sustainable implementation, we are strategic partners on an equal footing with companies of all sizes.


The more attractive the touch & feel unit or the display is, the more persuasive the presentation of your product will be. Display systems from Scharfenecker are popular with retailers – not just because they are visually attractive, but also because they guarantee perfect handling and 100% reliability.


The shopping experience is crucially influenced by the form of presentation, i.e. the product presentation. We like to take the term “touchpoint” literally and create displays that turn the haptic product experience into an Aha! moment.


The path from theory to practice is particularly exciting if you follow it with a wealth of ideas and passion. Scharfenecker uses a wide variety of materials, all of which can be processed in-house. At the end of the development process, we surprise our customers with sophisticated prototypes for that perfect 1:1 feeling.


Individual solutions often require individual tools. These are manufactured by us immediately after release of the prototype, so that batch production can begin promptly.


So that the path from prototype to batch production runs true, it is important to consider all the parameters in advance. At what point does more time need to be factored in? Where does experience tell us the greatest challenge for implementation will be? The more perfect the technical design, the more convincing the result. And that is why you receive prototypes from us in every conceivable variant. Whether
ergonomically optimised, as a purely design model, or as an operating model. We make emotions.


You never get a second chance for a first impression. POS solutions from
Scharfenecker are created for that first glance. And then go on to keep their promise.
Regardless of whether it is a permanent or semi-permanent solution.
That Aha! moment is part of the package, thanks to added haptic value. Our
category solutions ensure that your products touch the spot, because once the
customer can hold and feel them, they won’t want to let them go.

POS-Solutions by Scharfenecker

  • Concept, design, mock-up construction
  • Complete display fabrication, made of acrylic, metal or cardboard
  • Touch & feel units, including power supply, lighting, etc.
  • Use of the latest process technologies
  • Direct printing of large components
  • 3D printing and laser cutting
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