From the idea to the product

We give shape to your ideas. No matter whether a diagram, computer graphics or complete instructions for construction – we make your ideas reality! Based on what you have outlined, we develop a concept together with you so that your idea can take form. This is important because prototypes that can be recorded physically are vital in product development – despite modern technology.

All types of prototypes

Even though a large part of development is today realised virtually on the computer, prototypes still play a key role. It is precisely these models that allow ergonomic and aesthetic aspects to be evaluated accurately and technological innovations to be tested extensively. No matter whether a geometric or technical prototype, whether a design model or functional model – our specialists ensure a precise and reliable implementation thanks to our long-standing experience. Only in this way can correct and realistic testing be ensured.

Modern technology and diverse forms of production

We work with the latest technologies and diverse production methods for prototype construction: from virtual CAD drawings and the material-saving finite element method (FEM) through to selective laser sintering (SLS). Thanks to modern rapid prototyping such as 3D printing, we can visualise realistic models at comparatively low costs. Depending on the prototype, we also work with thermoforming, vacuum infusion, injection moulding or extrusion tools. We can design both individual parts and complete solutions, while there are hardly any restrictions when it comes to size or material. From simple pens to complex plant and machinery – everything is possible!