New ideas call for new tools

Do you wish to market a new product but need the right tools for this? No problem. We manufacture tools individually tailored to your wishes and requirements. No matter what type of resource you need – we guarantee you a high-quality solution.

Modern production technologies

The use of modern control technology enables us to manufacture tools with high precision even for complex forms. We are proud of our high-quality, durable workmanship. Thanks to an optimised production process, we are able to manufacture the tools very quickly and at an optimal price-performance ratio.

Customised solutions

Each tool is unique and must meet highly specific requirements. Because precise and robust tools are an essential prerequisite for reliable parts and component production. We shall be pleased to provide our extensive expertise with the aim of developing tailored solutions for your new tools.

As the tools we manufacture correspond to the European HASCO standard, the components are variable in application and can be used on any injection moulding machine.